New Year, Better YOU!

A new year means planning for positive changes and setting new goals. It is a time for self reflection to see what we can do differently in the new year to make ourselves a better version of who we are. Each year, millions of people make resolutions to bring in the new year. According to Psych News Daily, a new study done in the UK shows that 64% of resolutions are broken within the first month. How can you make your New Year’s resolution a success?

1. Set realistic and attainable goals.

Setting realistic goals may be hard for people. Oftentimes, goals are too vague. When planning what changes you would like to make, be more specific. For instance, instead of setting a goal of losing 50 pounds, reframe that into losing weight by changing my eating habits and eating healthier foods to fuel my body. Then begin by making small changes in your diet by taking out foods that you know aren’t good for your health, and adding more fruits and vegetables.

2. Take baby steps.

When setting goals, most people reach for the sky. They think about the finish line, but don’t plan how they are going to get there. Small changes done over and over again lead to big changes. Taking baby steps moving forward in the right direction will move you towards your goal. Instead of making a goal of going to the gym six days a week and working out for an hour and a half, when you typically don’t even go to the gym, may not be a realistic goal to start with. If you were someone who typically does not exercise, setting a goal like this could be setting you up for failure. Instead, start by setting a reasonable and realistic goal such as I am going to move my body three times this week for 20 minutes each time. This could be 20 minutes of yoga, a 20 minute bike ride, a 20 minute walk around the block. Once you fit this into your schedule, you can add more days, lengthen the time, etc.

3. Focus on true self care.

Most people think of self-care as pampering themselves; getting their nails done, taking a bubble bath, doing a facemask, etc. True self care is focusing on things that are taking your energy away from you, and unplugging from those negative sources. Stop doing things out of obligation, and spend your energy on things that really matter. Visit with loved ones, reach out to those friends that you’ve lost touch with, spend time in nature, take that trip you’ve been wanting to go on. Focus on the things that truly matter in your life!

Creating new healthy habits can be difficult. It’s easy to regress back into our old behaviors because that’s what feels most comfortable. Move outside of your comfort zone, and find an accountability partner to help keep you moving towards your goal for a happier and healthier YOU!


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