Using the Magic Plate Concept

What is a Magic Plate? Simply put, a magic plate is an easy way to help balance your macros. Whether you’re keto or vegan, low carb or vegetarian, you can use the magic plate concept to ensure you are getting much needed nutrients and energy.

Macros are key nutritional factors that everyone needs to thrive: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s important to balance these macros throughout the course of the day while considering your meals. No matter what your diet type is, a fat heavy diet can lead to weight gain or health complications such as high cholesterol. A diet heavy in carbohydrates can cause a glucose response where your blood sugar levels rise and then plumet, making you feel sluggish and fatigued, not to mention insulin resistant. Balancing your macros can help you feel better physically and give your body the much needed fuel to feel energized throughout the day.

The average American diet is very heavy in simple carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain because the body uses that energy first very quickly and whatever remains is stored as fat. Whether you want to lose weight or have more energy, start with cutting down on your carb intake. Simple carbohydrates are made of sugar, starch, and fiber- the higher the fiber content, the healthier it is for you. The easiest change someone can make for better health is choosing less sugary drinks and desserts. When choosing a carb, try to go for a complex carbohydrate like whole grains, leafy greens, beans, and fiber rich fruits like blueberries, which is a little harder for the body to break down.

The magic plate concept can help keep you from over indulging in carbs, while increasing your healthy food choices. Depending how your body uses its fuel, dividing your plate into 3 even sections- ⅓ lean protein, ⅓ high fiber veggies, and ⅓ complex carbohydrate will help you feel more energized and help aid in digestion. I recommend you start with this type of magic plate and see how your energy level changes. 

Using meal prep containers help with portion control and the magic plate concept.

I prefer using the magic plate of ¼ lean proteins, ¼ complex carbs through low carb fruit or vegetables, and ½ very low carb veggies like leafy greens. If you find that you feel better with less carbohydrates in your diet, try this version. I tend to feel better following a very low carb diet and keep track of my macros everyday. My digestion and energy levels feel the best when I consume about 50 grams of carbs a day. 

Experiment with your food choices to see how your energy levels respond and add more vegetables and leafy greens to your diet. Your body will thank you!

Leah McKain


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